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About Us

How Snuff Cup started...

Snuff Cup is a small family-owned business located in rural Alton Missouri. Matt's family farm was sold, so he started Snuff Cup in hopes of one day making an offer to buy it back.

His first product he tried selling didn't end up doing too well and wasn't something he was passionate about. Instead, he decided to take a different approach for his next product idea.

Matt thought about what he was good at and created one of the most unique products in the industry, a spit cup that does just about anything you could ask for!


Matt believes Snuff Cup could be his ticket to saving up the funds to make the offer for the family farm in Southern Missouri, which was unfortunately sold for personal reasons.

Through countless hours of hard work, he invented the Snuff Cup, then invested thousands of dollars to create a new an improved version, the Snuff Cup Pro.

When we first started, Matt had around 500 Snuff Cup originals, which had a twist-top, spill resistant lid instead of the flip-top lids we use now. Once we launched the product on social media, we sold out almost immediately when one of his first videos blew up on TikTok.

Over time, he continued to improve the design, and listen to both the positive and negative feedback we had received from customers. This led us to launching the new an improved version of our original Snuff Cup, called the Snuff Cup Pro.

The Snuff Cup Pro features numerous improvements to our original design, including a larger storage space, improved lid, a magnetized bottom, and even compatibility with our new deposable liners, which are available to purchase on our website.

If you want to learn more about Matt's story, check out his YouTube video below!

Matt's Story: Why He Started Snuff Cup