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Snuff Cup Pro Lid 2.0, Compatible with Originals

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Frequently Asked:

Do I have to use the liners to use the cups?

No. All Snuff Cup Pros work just fine without the liners.

Can I just re-use the liner that was included with my Snuff Cup Pro?

While we don't recommend re-using them, we do have customers that re-use the liners. If you do choose to re-use your liners, we suggest cleaning them often.

How many cans do they hold?

All of the Snuff Cup Pros can hold up to three oversized cans at a time, fitting most smaller can sizes.

You asked. We listened. 🔥

Introducing a new and improved version of our old flip-top lids.

✔ Our lids are 100% spill-proof

Unlike the original version which was spill resistant. Each of our Pro lids also has an added air valve which relieves pressure, ensuring it stays shut during hot temperatures.

✔ Snaps closed

Unlike our old version which did not fully "snap" shut.

✔ Fits all of our Snuff Cups, and compatible with disposable liners

The Snuff Cup Pro lids also fit our old original Snuff Cups, making it a perfect upgrade if you still use one of our older lids. Our Snuff Cup pro lids also are compatible with our disposable liners, which are now available!

✔ Same old design, improved material

With our made in the USA version of our lids, we used our same design, but changed the material to a "heavier duty" plastic. With the new material, you can expect a better functioning, and sturdier lid.

✔ Risk-free satisfaction guarantee

Don't like your new Snuff Cup Pro lid? Let us know, and we'll either refund you, or let you exchange it!

Once you receive your Snuff Cup Pro, you should have four parts.

The top portion, the bottom portion, the lid, and the bonus disposable liner.

  • Remove all four parts from the box
  • Place your desired product/s in storage compartment in bottom portion of cup, then thread top and bottom portion together
  • Thread your disposable liner into the lid. Be sure that it is fitted tightly onto lid
  • Firmly place lid into top portion of cup, with liner attached
  • If you like the liners and would like to continue using them, you can order more here

To use the can opener notch, you can unscrew the bottom portion of the cup, and locate the notch at the bottom of the top portion of cup. Firmly apply pressure against notch, while rotating around the seal of the can.

Once liner is full of liquid, dispose of the liner, and replace with a new one. Or, you can use the cup without liners!

Each product that contains a Snuff Cup Pro (including bundles) contains the following:

  • 1x Snuff Cup Pro, in the size/style selected and shown on the checkout page, with 1x threaded lid
  • 1x Disposable liner, in the size selected

Can Compatibility: All Snuff Cup PROS hold up to three cans. Fits most standard and oversized cans.

Note: The Snuff Cup ORIGINAL (old version) only holds one standard size can

Say goodbye to leaks and spills.

Say goodbye to leaks and spills.

The Snuff Cup Pro comes with our newest edition of lids, a 100 proof, spill and leak-free lid. Which means no more cleaning up spills or leaks. No more messes.

No more carrying around cans.

No more carrying around cans.

The Snuff Cup Pro can store up to three oversized cans, which means you can now keep your cans hidden, and all in the same place.

Dip spit is messy, and it smells.

Dip spit is messy, and it smells.

After receiving lots of customer feedback, we decided to introduce something new, to get rid of the #1 biggest pain of using a spittoon.

The smelly residue left behind, that can be tough to clean. It's time to say hello to Snuff Cup's disposable liners.

Now instead of cleaning your spitter, you can just toss a liner in, then throw it out when it gets full.

Get Your Disposable Liners

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ryan Hart

Snuff Cup Pro Lid 2.0, Compatible with Originals

Kelly Wright
Love it!

Empty bottles are gross to see! Snuff Cup is a blessing:) definitely an early Christmas gift to the hubs!

Julio Reyes
Amazing customer service

Def amazing products. Even better customer service. Had my lid leak, but had a replacement sent immediately. Now works awesome, no complaints. Customer for life!! Love these products.

Anglish Dixon
Problem not resolved

Ordered a new cup and new lid and 4 replacement jugs never received the replacement lid and the lid of the new cup feels cheap and pops off all the time even after many conversations with snuff cup all I get is the date that my order was fulfilled and no resolution

Hey! Sorry to hear that. Please send us an email via the 'contact us' page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

R Weiss
Great Product bad customer service.

I love the product but received sub par customer service. I wrote in and explained that the lid and the insert were leaking. I was sent a new lid and insert however I explained that I wasn’t sure if that was 100% the problem and didn’t know why I wouldn’t just be issued a new cup as well. One from factory that was not defective. The new lid and insert did not fix the problem. I was excited about this product and the concept but have been left with a bitter taste from the way the small problem was handled. Wish you nothing but success in the future however.

Hey Randy. Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear that your cup has been having issues.

In most cases, the issues that had been experienced in the past were due to either a defective lid, or a defective liner. The cups themselves have generally not been something we've had an issue with, and so far, we have not seen many (if any) complaints with our new lids.

So, I offered to reship you a replacement lid (which I believe was one of the new versions) and liner to see if that solved the problem, being that it was the most likely solution (since when a customer has an issue, it's usually one of those that caused it).

If you're cup is still leaking with the new lid and new liner, please send us a message so we can get it addressed.

Thank you and have a great rest of your day!