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Why should I get a Snuff Cup?

If you're someone who dips, spits, or even just chews seeds, our Snuff Cup has been designed to eliminate some of the biggest problems we run into everyday! Each Snuff Cup has a hidden compartment that fits all standard can sizes (or can store other small items), a built-in can opener, and a stealthy design with a spill-proof lid! Trust us when we say it, your wife is gonna thank you for this one!

Can I drink out of them?

Of course! Our Snuff Cups can hold either 12 or 16 ounces of liquid, depending on the size you order. However, the cups are not designed to keep liquids hot or cold. We do have a drinkware brand we plan on releasing soon, though! You can follow our social media channels for updates on when it'll be released.

I see that the Snuff Cup Pros come with a liner. Do I have to use the disposable liners to use the cups?

All Snuff Cup Pros work just fine without the disposable liner system! However, the lids are compatible if you want to use them, to make the cleaning process a bit easier.

Are all of the lids and liners the same size?

Each Snuff Cup Pro (whether it be the 12-ounce, 16 ounces, or original version) all has the same size opening on the top portion of the cup. This means any old Snuff Cup lids, or new lids you purchase should fit either size cup. The 12-ounce liners should also fit in the 16-ounce pro versions, if for some reason you wanted to use them instead (however, the 16-ounce liners will not fit in the 12-ounce).

How do I know which are the original, and which are the new Pro Snuff Cups?

Each of our Snuff Cup Pros will have the word "Pro" in the title, and/or color name. Any Snuff Cups which don't say "Pro" in the name are original Snuff Cups!

Can I order a customized Snuff Cup?

Unfortunately, due to long lead times and other reasons, we no longer offer customization to customers. However, this may change in the future!


Why do some of your Snuff Cup Pros say "Pre-Order" instead of buy now?

If a product has a button saying "pre-order" instead of "add to cart", then chances are it is out of stock! These products usually either involve customization, are made to order, or are backordered. If you aren't sure on the stock of an item, you can always contact us!

Please keep in mind that "pre-orders" may take up to 30 days to ship out.


What size cans does the Snuff Cup fit?

Our Snuff Cup Originals currently only fit standard sized cans, meaning oversized cans like Red Seal and Longhorn don't fit. However, the Snuff Cup Pro will fit most oversized can sizes, including Red Seal!

Are the cups dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our original cups are dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing the custom cups. Exposure to high temperatures can cause the design to peel.

How fast is shipping?

We typically ship out orders within 1-2 business days, and you can find the estimated delivery time on each product page. If you're looking for your tracking number, you should have received a text or email with the tracking info. If you can't find it, just shoot us a message with your order number, and we can send it to you!

Note that any pre-order products may take up to 30 days to ship, and wholesale orders for our business customers may take longer than 1-2 business days.

My package shows it was delivered to me, but I did not receive it! Can you refund me for it?

Unfortunately to prevent abuse of our return policy, we can't guarantee a refund, if the tracking info appears to show it has been delivered to the correct address. However, often times the shipping option you select comes with included package insurance of up to $100 in value. However, we will typically offer either a refund or replacement if the tracking indicates a package has likely been lost/stolen, however this will usually be to the same address from the previous order to prevent abuse of our policy.

If you believe your package was lost by the mail carrier, we suggest contacting your neighbors first, then contacting your local mail carrier directly. You should be able to file a claim for any package that was lost/stolen.


What is your return/refund policy?

Each Snuff Cup order comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you don't like it, you have up to 30 days after you receive it to request a refund or return your unused Snuff Cup! Our policy applies to all non-wholesale orders. PLEASE NOTIFY US ONCE YOUR RETURN HAS BEEN SHIPPED SO THAT WE CAN BEGIN PROCESSING IT.

Is the Snuff Cup a tobacco product?

No. While it may work well with dip cans, we do not consider the Snuff Cup to be a tobacco product, nor do we encourage/condone our customers to use tobacco products. Snuff Cup works great for nic-free cans, beef jerky cans, and even sunflower seeds.

Where are y'all located?

Matt (the inventor/owner of Snuff Cup) is from Alton, Missouri!

Do you have any job opportunities available?

If you are a talented and driven individual who would like to join us on our mission to buy back the farm, feel free to shoot us an email at!