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Snuff Cup Pro - Leather Hat Mini Bundle 🔥

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Size (Snuff Cup Pro): 12-Ounce
Hat Style: Leather Patch Hat

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Pre-orders may take up to 30 days to ship out.

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Frequently Asked:

Do I have to use the liners to use the cups?

No. All Snuff Cup Pros work just fine without the liners.

Can I just re-use the liner that was included with my Snuff Cup Pro?

While we don't recommend re-using them, we do have customers that re-use the liners. If you do choose to re-use your liners, we suggest cleaning them often.

How many cans do they hold?

All of the Snuff Cup Pros can hold up to three oversized cans at a time, fitting most smaller can sizes.

Introducing Snuff Cup's new bundles! 😎

Based on customer feedback, we took our original Snuff Cup design, and made it way better.

Note: Any orders for other Snuff Cups where "pro" is not specified will be for our old, original version!

Features of the Snuff Cup Pro:

✓ An improved version of our 3.0 flip-top lids

Each Snuff Cup pro comes with a flip-top style lid similar to the lids used on the original, except now with an air valve system to ensure the lid stays shut. We also added two small notches on the sides of the lid, so that you no longer have to place your hand inside the lid to remove it!

✓ Now compatible with our disposable liners

After getting lots of feedback from customers, we have decided to also make the Snuff Cup Pro compatible with removable, disposable liners! The Snuff Cup Pro features a threaded, easy to use removable lining system, making the cleanup process even simpler than before.


✓ Now fitting more than just standard can sizes

We didn't just upgrade the lid and add a liner, we also upgraded the can storage system. The Snuff Cup pro can hold not only your standard sized cans, but also most oversized cans including Red Seal. Store up to three cans at a time with the pro!


✓ Available in two different sizes, 12 and 16-ounce

 Along with a 12-ounce spitter similar to the old original Snuff Cup, we have also added a larger 16-ounce option for the Snuff Cup Pro! You can now store up to 16 ounces of liquid in the top portion of our Snuff Cup Pro. The 16-ounce version is not available for pre-order yet.

✓ Built-in magnet works great with metal

The Snuff Cup Pro also has a built-in magnet on the bottom of the cup! This works great with just about any metal surface. You can now attach your Snuff Cup Pro to just about any metal surface, reducing the chances that it'll tip over.


Bundle Contents:

12 Ounce Pro:

  • 1x Original Snuff Cup Pro (12 Ounce)
  • 1x Snuff Cup Leather Engraved Hat (Adult, Adjustable)

16 Ounce Pro:

  • 1x Original Snuff Cup Pro (16 Ounce)
  • 1x Snuff Cup Leather Engraved Hat (Adult, Adjustable)

Once you receive your Snuff Cup Pro, you should have four parts.

The top portion, the bottom portion, the lid, and the bonus disposable liner.

  • Remove all four parts from the box
  • Place your desired product/s in storage compartment in bottom portion of cup, then thread top and bottom portion together
  • Thread your disposable liner into the lid. Be sure that it is fitted tightly onto lid
  • Firmly place lid into top portion of cup, with liner attached
  • If you like the liners and would like to continue using them, you can order more here

To use the can opener notch, you can unscrew the bottom portion of the cup, and locate the notch at the bottom of the top portion of cup. Firmly apply pressure against notch, while rotating around the seal of the can.

Once liner is full of liquid, dispose of the liner, and replace with a new one. Or, you can use the cup without liners!

Each product that contains a Snuff Cup Pro (including bundles) contains the following:

  • 1x Snuff Cup Pro, in the size/style selected and shown on the checkout page, with 1x threaded lid
  • 1x Disposable liner, in the size selected

Can Compatibility: All Snuff Cup PROS hold up to three cans. Fits most standard and oversized cans.

Note: The Snuff Cup ORIGINAL (old version) only holds one standard size can

Say goodbye to leaks and spills.

Say goodbye to leaks and spills.

The Snuff Cup Pro comes with our newest edition of lids, a 100 proof, spill and leak-free lid. Which means no more cleaning up spills or leaks. No more messes.

No more carrying around cans.

No more carrying around cans.

The Snuff Cup Pro can store up to three oversized cans, which means you can now keep your cans hidden, and all in the same place.

Dip spit is messy, and it smells.

Dip spit is messy, and it smells.

After receiving lots of customer feedback, we decided to introduce something new, to get rid of the #1 biggest pain of using a spittoon.

The smelly residue left behind, that can be tough to clean. It's time to say hello to Snuff Cup's disposable liners.

Now instead of cleaning your spitter, you can just toss a liner in, then throw it out when it gets full.

Get Your Disposable Liners

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Hubert Cromer
Snuff, cup, leather hat, mini bundle

Snuff cup is awesome. I recommend it for anyone that dips or cheers. It is a great product and I plan on buying more.